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connect touchosc

Send Email. Mon-Fri, 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm U. Mountain Time:. Chat With Us. Skill Level: Beginner. You can download the Source Code here. Processing is a great application for quickly creating visualizationsinteractive installationsand physical computing projects. Processing is free to download and has a large community at Processing.

Arduino and Processing are also built on the same interface and look nearly identical. Notice that the LED has two different length leads coming out the bottom, the shorter one is the negative lead.

Place the negative lead into the same row as the negative jumper. Place the positive end in the next row down. Place either end of the resistor into the same row as the positive end of the LED The second row.

Firefly + TouchOSC

Place the other end of the resistor into the third row. Make sure your Arduino is plugged in via the USB cord and load up the Arduino software on your computer. You can download Arduino and find a lot of resources at www.

You can download the Arduino sketch hereor simply copy and paste it from below. Great, now save your Arduino sketch by going to the File menu, then Save As.

connect touchosc

Upload the code to your Arduino board by selecting the right arrow button in the Arduino interface.With the recent hype online concerning the new release of Lemur on Android and the use of the inherent cable connection connectivity via a third party driverI have at last taken the plunge and have attempted this same connectivity with TouchOSC on my Nexus 7 The above images show the path through to getting a tethered connection.

Once selected head over to your OS X network preferences and check that the device is available as a network connection. With this connection in place, lets have a quick look on the TouchOSC side of things. How I can conect it to control my M-Audio keyboard.? Anyone have any idea what I can do?

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How to Control Resolume 6 from Your Mobile Device Using TouchOSC

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All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.For those intrepid live-coding adventurers that are looking for that more immersive connection with your Overtone musical processes TouchOSC is an excellent tool to play with:. It's super easy to use it to control and trigger synths and other functionality you might build on top of Overtone and it's an excellent way to start playing around and exploring with parameters whilst you're just starting and finding your way around the vast library of ugens.

First up, we need to start an OSC server from within Overtone. Overtone embeds the osc-clj library which allows us to do exactly this. Starting a server is simple, we just need to think of a port number.

Stable Library

Let's go with because it fits with our musical context:. The string "osc-clj" is optional, but allows us to specify an identifier for our server which we can then refer to if we use zero-conf to help us connect a TouchOSC client. If you think you're going to be on a network with a lot of other people doing exactly this - then be sure to choose a unique name You'll either need to know the network address of the machine running Overtone, or you should use the zero-conf facility to broadcast this for you.

So, find your network address or issue the following command:. This should looks as follows assuming you chose to turn zero-conf on :. Now, notice how our server we named osc-clj is listed as one of the "Found Hosts". All we need to do is tap that and TouchOSC will auto-configure our settings. Head back to Overtone and enter zero-conf-off to stop broadcasting your connection settings.

If you didn't opt to use zero-conf, simply manually enter the port address of the server and your local IP address in this pane. If you are using zero-conf, and you find that the remote server's IP address is shown in TouchOSC as a loopback address eg You can see the effect of this on the REPL if you run java.

This problem is known to affect recent releases of Ubuntu. Now, so far so good - but how do we know that the configuration worked?

Stable Library

Let's register a listener on the OSC server which will run a function for each incoming OSC message and get it to just print out the contents of each message. This is pretty simple:. Now, over in TouchOSC, choose a layout and navigate to it by pressing "Done" in the main preference pane.

You should see something like this:. Note, you may have to be tailing a log file to view this output depending on your setup as it will be printed from a non-REPL thread. We used osc-listen as a convenience to get access to all incoming messages just to print them out for debugging purposes.A fully modular control surface that runs on all iOS and Android devices.

TouchOSC can be used to control almost anything. Easily switch hardware and deploy your custom layouts across numerous mobile devices.

Take control of your mix or recording from anywhere around the studio, and never stress about your controls not being fully in sync with your favorite DAW. Documentation Complete online documentation is provided for both iOS and Android versions. Editor instructions are included in the TouchOSC online documentation. TouchOSC Bridge is free to download. Mac Windows. TouchOSC version 1. Windows version works with Windows XP or later. Requires iOS 5. Requires Android 1. Multi-touch requires Android device with full distinct touch tracking capabilities, please check with the manufacturer of your device for full specs.

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Products News. Support Contact. Make control. Take control. Android Requirements Requires Android 1. About Hexler Support Search. Copyright Hexler Limited. All rights reserved.The application comes with example layouts and completely custom layouts can be constructed using the free TouchOSC Editor application. Thank you! I am getting the hang of it.

I am thinking maybe Osculator is the culprit here. As mentioned in other previous reviews, it would be nice to also have more choice for colors and graphics. After downloading the editor and importing the layout for the hog 4 by high end systems.

I used buttons that when pushed would trigger a keystroke macro that would add the channel s into my command line. Having the control and efficiency that this app has enabled is amazing for how inexpensive it is. It was money well spent! I discovered TouchOSC a few years ago and it was a great idea with all kind of smart tablets and phones out there. Some very high end sample library companies even provide templates to be used with their software in Kontakt like Chris Heins Violins.

That shows you the capabilities. Like other users here, I would like to see some visual improvements and expanded manual and some good examples. You really need to have a great imagination of what you want to achieve and the possibilities with TouchOSC but for someone who lacks the imagination they will probably pass this on.

It is an essential part of my setup and highly recommend this. Requires iOS 5. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad.

May 20, Version 1.You can find detailed documentation on TouchOSC here. Click on it if you want to see a list with all the available layouts and select a different one. Double-check that you have provided your sender with the right host address and that both sender and receiver share the same valid between - port number. If you want to map the second dimension, click on the grey triangle and then select it. Skip to content. Branch: master. Create new file Find file History. Latest commit Fetching latest commit….

You can get TouchOSC from here. Insert a port 4 or 5-digit number in the "Port" field at the top of the device. Start the TouchOSC app on your ipad or iphone. This will take you to a new page.

Troubleshooting Double-check that you have provided your sender with the right host address and that both sender and receiver share the same valid between - port number. Try quitting the Max application if it is open. Try a different port number. If min is set to a value greater than max, then their behaviour is inverted. This parameter introduces non-linearity to the parameter mapping; values below 0 refer to exponential and values above to logarithmic scaling.

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Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it's disabled i. The MIDI part of the app seems to work just fine both ways. I am not proficient in advanced networking, so I don't have any other methods for testing to see what the issue may be.

I turned on wifi, and bingo! OSC can be sent in both directions. Just wanted to post the solution for anyone who's interested. This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. Loading More Posts. Update: got it working! TouchOSC users rejoice! Martin Rivera.

connect touchosc

Worked perfectly! Thanks a lot! I'm glad to know there are others who have got it working.

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